Friday, July 23, 2010

goodbye blogspot

you've been good, really appreciate the good deed.

now i have found a new love for me, so i would like to say my peace.

moved to tumblr is what i seek, goodbye my lovely blogspot space.

check my new obsession: shereens

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

just do it

i'm intrigued to try out tumblr! it looks abso-gorgeous.

anyone tried?

any ideas how user friendly this thing is?

or would i get into a lot of trouble trying to figure it all out?

okay too many q's and not enough action.

trying now, okay bye.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

decisions, decisions...

i wish i was still schooling.

i don't have to worry about so many things, nor decide on so many crap!

okay maybe i'm just over reacting! it's not crap, its mi casa. i should relax and learn how to woosa at this point, at most maybe just blast the contractors, for bombarding us with an extremely exorbitant ridiculously high priced crap.


i know, i know, good service and work does not come free these days, but this is day light robery la kawan. grrrr.

Monday, July 19, 2010


i'm so damn freaking mad right now!

and if i was going to blog about it, it would definitely make me sound like i'm such an ungrateful bitch; or a lunatic one.

but i'm so angry you have no idea.

no this doesn't have anything to do with work!!

GAHHHH!! how can one be so inconsiderate?

*i shall refrain myself from saying anything i might regret* like NOW NOW NOW!!! damn it.

weekend routine

so its official this is the weekly routine which she really demands of us; an average of 30-45 minutes swim for the whole week that she's been a doll to the both of us.

but this week was a super treat, she had her bff over to swim with her, excuse the photo posted, which did not show the whole swimming experience of aira & yaya, camera man was busy with err... busy smoking and chatting i think!

we had some munchies at the pool too! fried noodles, pancakes, french toast with sardine and coleslaw... hope your weekend was just as fabulous as mine.

Friday, July 16, 2010

totally got on my nerfs

so yesterdays outing was mainly for me to take baby A for dins and accompany my brother to look for his WATER GUN! yes you read it right, my older brother wanted to look for his toys!

browsed around parkson for those, with very little luck he wasn't keen on any, little did i know he went nuts all over the nerf guns! took it without any hesitation...

walked over to the counter only to feel slight embarrassment with the cashier and made up a little story bout him buying it for a friends' sons' birthday present. smart huh? bet you she's seen and heard all these adults telling their part of white lies.

they started playing before we entered the office. i knew instantly i would get easily irritated with this thing, as it is going to be a HUGE mistake and distraction in the office. i was 100% spot on, however, i caved in and joined the boys. i was laughed at at the start because i was the lousiest. little did they know the hidden talent in me, and i was the highest scoring person to hit it on those targets. sweet. they're still trying to topple my 70 points!

beat that boyyiieesss!! in your face.

tomato sauce

this got the best of her. she was easily amusing herself for the first time tasting the tomato sauce! she wanted the both of us, well myself and uncle nash to lick it off her finger. very unhygienic, but maybe for her it was; "sharing is caring"! hehe, if you're wondering, none of us had it! so she used the spoon to get us to try it.